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Director Elections – Nominations now open


Nominations are now open for two Director positions (1 in the Eastern voting region and 1 in the Western voting region) on Southern Queensland Natural Resources Management Ltd trading as Southern Queensland Landscapes Board of Directors as per the constitution and also the resignation of Jim Cavaye.

Clause 16.2 (f)

The new directors elected to the board by the membership at the General Meeting will determine amongst themselves (by lottery unless otherwise agreed) which amongst them will hold office until the:

i. 2nd AGM – the total number of which will be one director from each sub region.

ii. 3rd AGM – the total number of which will be one director from each sub region.

Clause 16.6 (c)

Directors (and for the purpose of this subclause, the Chairperson shall be regarded as a Director) shall be appointed for a three-year term. A retiring Director shall be eligible for re-appointment.

Anyone who is eligible and interested in one of the positions is asked to contact the Company Secretary for an information pack as soon as possible.

Completed nominations must be received by 30th September 2019.

Please apply by mail using the below address or by email to the Company Secretary: companysecretary@sqlandscapes.org.au

Southern Queensland Landscapes

PO Box 1670

Toowoomba Q 4350

Current Board Members (L-R): Stephen Blore, Chris Joseph, Ann Noon, Bruce Scott (Chair), Karen Tully & Graham Cooke.