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Business Model

We are committed to outstanding governance and delivery through connection with our community. Our connections are being developed through current and new networks and through relationships with our stakeholders including, but not limited to, local Landcare groups, Traditional Owners, local government, producer groups, environmental advocacy groups, Queensland and Australian government, philanthropists and commercial contractors.



SQ Landscapes is proactively seeking funding on a competitive and meritorious basis, in an ongoing manner. We are working with the three existing NRM organisations in the region and will transfer resources including cash and other assets in the near future.


Project continuity for land managers

Land managers should continue to maintain their current NRM relationships. The new State and Australian Government funding programs have created a period of great change for NRM organisations and staff. We are hoping to maintain as much local knowledge and connections as possible and this includes staff already operating in the region. The creation of the new organisation and employing staff and developing contracts is a complex process and may take some time.



NRM plans

SQ Landscapes have become custodian of these plans on behalf of the people and communities of the region. They will continue to be used to inform funding proposals, strategic, business, communications and engagement plans and the general direction of the company.

Copies of these plans are here: South West NRM Condamine Alliance Queensland Murray Darling Committee.

South West NRM Plan 2015-25 QMDC our futureplan summary2 Condamine Alliance NRM Plan


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