• Government Projects

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators (RALFs) through the National Landcare Program.

Kate Percival based in Charleville and Tom Foster based in Goondiwindi are our new RALFs. In their roles, they will be broadly focused on liaising with farmers, community groups and agricultural industries to connect them with information that improves the sustainability, productivity and profitability of agriculture in our region. 


Natural Disaster Recovery Program (NDRP) 

​The NDRP project will assist farming enterprises, businesses and communities to develop and demonstrate resilience to climate risks such as flooding, fire and drought. This will be achieved through recognising the risk parameters of these events and developing risk management practices to build resistance and minimise exposure to these risks in the shaded area.
This project is funded by both the Australian and Queensland Governments and managed by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.


Natural Resource Investment Program (NRIP)

Native vegetation management, improved water quality and improved soil health underpin our work with the Natural Resource Investment Program through the Queensland Government. We will be undertaking programs in various locations across our region working towards these goals over the next two years.


Queensland Feral Pest Initiative CAM (QFPI)

We’re working with the Queensland government to implement projects as part of two major investment streams – cluster fencing and Regional Invasive Plant and Animal Management Projects.

Support is available to eligible applicants to control invasive plants and animals in current Queensland drought declared areas.
Queensland drought declarations can be found on the Long Paddock website.


Regional Land Partnerships – Agriculture Project through the National Landcare Program.

We’re excited to be working on a project to help ‘future-proof’ agricultural lands in southern Queensland through the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships program. We will be assisting land managers in the Condamine, Maranoa-Balonne, Border Rivers and south west regions to directly improve:

> The condition and extent of remnant vegetation
> Ground cover and soil carbon levels
> Areas with hill-slope and wind erosion
> Community awareness and knowledge of property management that maintains or increases on-farm vegetation and biodiversity

These improvements will work towards creating a more sustainable outlook for the land we all rely on for work, food and fibre.


Regional Land Partnerships – Environment Project through the National Landcare Program.

We’ll be working to improve three specific ecosystems under the RLP environment banner – Brigalow remnants, grasslands of the Darling Downs and Currawinya National Park.

Each of these ecosystems/areas are incredibly rare and are of high importance to protect. Brigalow remnants are listed as an ‘Endangered Threatened Ecological Community’ (TEC) and grasslands are listed as ‘Critically Endangered’, both under the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. Additionally, Currawinya Wetlands are listed under the Ramsar Convention for Wetlands of International Importance.
Each of these landscapes support various wildlife and plant species, some of which are found no where else in the world. They are also places of great cultural significance to Traditional Owners, with immense ceremonial and spiritual importance.