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ROMA: Climate, Forage and Finance Events

Two free training sessions are set to be held in Roma early next month on Wednesday 3rd April which will provide landholders with access to information to better understand and plan for climatic changes and extremes, with a focus on drought resilience.

Climate is perhaps the most significant challenge for land owners and managers throughout Southern Queensland, and therefore knowledge and tools to assist in the adaptation to variable conditions are invaluable resources.

These Grazing Futures events are funded by the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program (DCAP), with support from Southern Queensland NRM (SQNRM), and through the Northern Australia Climate Program, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

SQNRM Project Officer and USQ Climate Mate, Paul Webb, will be a presenter, as well as Tony Koch from the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority. Topics on the agenda will include:

• Current climate – drivers, status and outlook.
• Pasture growth – what have you got now and what can you expect.
• The bottom line – drought, debt and being finance ready.
• Long Paddock: Forage – hands on session to access reports for pasture growth and what can be expected for your property.

With the most variable climate on earth, Australian graziers have already demonstrated exceptional capacity to manage a production system in changing conditions.

For many years, Queensland and Australian Governments have also demonstrated remarkable achievements in climate science, grazing business support and remote sensing technologies to describe our production environment.

Paul Webb says these Grazing Futures events are an opportunity to bring these two worlds closer together.

“The ‘eye in the sky’ has been recording seasonal images of our grazing landscapes for 30 years. These workshops are a chance for landholders to look at what these images can tell them about their properties looking back and, to some extent, looking forward,” said Mr. Webb.

“This is a great chance for landholders to make the best of available science and business information to build drought resilience,” he continued.

“Our hope and ambition in these workshops is to support graziers in the use of the best available information to manage risks and opportunities in a sustainable production environment,” he said.

Only ten spots are available per session so those interested in attending are encouraged to get in touch to book their spot as soon as they can.

WHAT: Climate, forage and finance training sessions
WHERE: The Overlander Homestead Conference Room, Warrego Highway, Roma
WHEN: Wednesday 3rd April 2019.
SESSION TIMES: Session 1: 8am – 12pm or Session 2: 1pm – 5pm

RSVP by 1st April to Lachlan Marshall via lachlan.marshall@sqnrm.com.au or 0427 056 443
All event details can be found here. 

Contact SQNRM’s Communications Officer Alex Halford via 0427 468 861 or alex.halford@sqnrm.com.au for interviews.